Field trips serve the purpose of both learning and recreation. Today’s student are visual learners and field trips let them touch, feel and listen to what they are learning about. This in turn helps them build on classroom instruction, gain a better understanding and tolerance, and expose them to worlds outside their own. Hence, field trips are a key component of school instruction.

Educational trips are an integral part of the curriculum in the Prerna International School. Such trips provide the opportunities for experiential learning to the student’s.


• The opportunity for experiential learning as a contrast to classroom learning
• The opportunity to link the experience with the students.
• The opportunity to broaden the social experience of the students.
• An extension and expansion of outlook beyond the classroom.
• This also provides the child the opportunity to experience the art, craft and culture of the place of visit.

Visit to Parle Industries

Parle G (the G in which incidentally stands for Genius) is one of the oldest biscuit brands in India and largest selling biscuit in the world.)

A visit to the Parle Industries, Nagpur was an interesting educational trip for the students of Prerna International School. On 13th and 14th Feb 2020 children from Grade – I and II were taken on the factory tour that lasted more than an hour.

The children were very excited on the bus ride from the school to the factory. On entering the premises, the student learnt and enjoyed a documentary related to the origin of the brand “PARLE”, its founder and various product manufactured by parle. Soon after, an official took the students to the manufacturing unit, where students got to know about various processes like kneading, mixing, shaping, baking, cooling to the final stage of packing. The students were also shown the printing section.

The students got the chance to learn about the art of Biscuit making. They found out where the raw material required in the manufacturing of biscuits come from and how much efforts is involved in the making of their favourite biscuits. Packets of Parle – G they were gifted complimentary before they moved out. It was a wonderful learning experience for all the children.

The best way of learning about anything is by doing.

Nagpur’s Government Post Office

A visit to the Victorian Styled Building

To break the monotony of the routine school life. Prerna International School organised a visit on 11th and 12th Feb 2020. With the intent of bringing the real life practical knowledge into classroom experience and school curriculum. Students of class III and IV were taken for a visit to GPO, Nagpur, to acquire knowledge about what happens after a letter is posted in the letter box.

The children and teachers were welcomed warming by the staff at the post office. They were taken around to see how letters are collected, segregated, stamped and then stored in Pigeon holes for the postmen to collect. We had a glance of the various counters to the public, namely those selling stamps, envelops, postcards etc. students were explained the way parcels are delivered to different places in the city and places in the country as well as many country to.

After that the children were taken to the accounts branch of post office which handles salary distribution of post office personnel. Then to bank (treasury) which handles the cash deposits. Here children were surprised to see the cash counting machine.

However, children’s favourite part of the visit was the stamp section where they were given information about the types of stamps. They were told that stamps for daily use are known as “definitive stamps” and stamps specially issued for collection are known as “commemorative stamps” Some beautiful commemorative stamp based on Olympics and Indian dance forms were shown to the children.

The visit to the post office was certainly a great learning opportunity for the students as they learnt many things about the working of a great institution like post office.

“Children must be taught HOW TO THINK, not what to think”, and what else is better than a field trip.

Visit to Nagpur Central Museum

An annual excursion is organized for students for every academic session. Further, the school organizes planned visits to various places to enrich the students. Museums play a crucial role in history as they are established to commemorate and continue the glories of our past and what we had in the past….!

Museum encourage critical thinking skills. Students of class V and VI visited the Nagpur Central Museum on 18th Feb 2020 along with the social science teacher. It was a time of great learning. As the student got an opportunity to look at the rich historical heritage.

This is a great Local Museum. The exhibits are decently categorised and labelled. Nagpur central Museum is an ancient museum that was established in the year 1863. The Museum is spread over eleven galleries each with different themes.

1) Nagpur heritage collection : A special gallery dedicated to the history of Nagpur is also designed in Museum.
2) Sculpture collection : This gallery has collection of stone sculptures of Buddha, Vishnu and other mythological figures.
3) Arm and armor collection : This gallery has rich collection of arms used by the tribal, Mughal, Maratha and British ruler.
4) Natural history collection : This gallery has a rare collection of dinosaurs fossils, mineral stones, antlers, reptiles, fish and invertebrates specimen.
5) Tribal art collection : This gallery showcases objects used by tribal communities Like boomerangs, tobacco boxes, tools, musical instrument etc.
6) Painting collection : This museum also has an art gallery.
7) Museum library : The museum houses a reference library with rare ancient inscription, manuscripts, books and publications. There is a small grass courtyard with large sculputers and friezes.

“ The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way you bring them up will determine the future of your country ” ¬– Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.