1. Pupil must take bath every day before coming to school.
  2. Boys must have their hair cut regularly. Girls with long hair should neatly tie them with black ribbons. Girls with short hair should have them neatly combed. Care should be taken to keep them off the face with plain black bands.
  3. Nails must be cut regularly and kept clean.
  4. Pupils are expected to wear clean and proper uniform. The clothes should not be skin tight.
  5. All children must bring clean napkins along with their Tiffin’s.
  6. Pupils must wash hands before and after meal.
  7. Students should eat slowly and must not drop or spill any food
  8. If a pupil is suffering from a contagious disease, the Principal should be informed as soon as possible and the pupil must not be sent to the school until the danger of spreading the infection is over.


  1. Student should always greet their teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant and a audible tone of voice, whenever they meet them in school or outside.
  2. They should talk in a distinct and clear voice and avoid the use of slang language. Must use courtesy words Excuse me, Thank You, Sorry, You are welcome, pardon etc.
  3. They should keep the premises clean.
  4. Must take care of fixtures, furniture, library books, laboratory apparatus etc.