Technology is changing and expanding day by day. Also, it is changing the way people do their work. Robotics is one of the technologies which are changing the world’s industrial scenario. Robotics is one of those skills which must be taught to children at the school level. Schools have understood the importance of robotics for the upcoming generation and included it in their academic cumculum. Most of the institutes have robotics Courses for kids where they encourage master the field. Let’s dwell into the world of robotics:

Encourage interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects

We often see that children at young stage don t take much interest in academics subject like science and maths. Robotics learning has a wonderful effect in generating a child’s interest in these subjects. It emphasizes on practical learning rather than theoretical rote memorization. This results in developing an interest in STEM subjects in them.

Hone Coding Skills

In the programming stage of Robot butlding, students work on various combinations of computer programming codes. They write, test, run, find an error and fix the their codes.

Learn to be a Problem Solser

Robots are designed and programmed to perform tough tasks which humans can’t do. While making robots, children think of a problem and try to solve it in the easiest way possible with the help
of robots. Robotics makes children a real-world problem solver.

Creative Thinking

Children can design and create amazing machines and devices just by using their creativity.

Develops the Skills of Tomorrow

Robotics concocts students for the competitive workforce of tomorrow. Robotics allows children to work on their life skills along with social skills These skills help them to stand out of the crowd
in front of their future employers.


German has the largest number of native speakers in the European union. German is among the 10 most commonly spoken language in the world.

Purpose of German Language

1) German is easy to acquire because German and English share the same Germanic route. Consiquently, there are many thousands of words which are closely related known as cognets. For Example : The English chin is kinn in German Water becomes wassher, mutter -mother

2) Gerñian is the language of inventors and innovators. It is said that Germany is the country of poets and thinkers.

3) German is an important language in academic.

4) German are world leaders in Enginnering.

5) German is the second most commñnly used scientific language in the world.

6) 92 noble prizes and counting 22 noble prizes in physics 30 in chemistry and 25 in medicine have gone to scientist from the 3 major Germans speaking countries.

We are dealing with deutsch active German institution from Pune its our 3 years contract. From this year it has different levels and we are going to start first level from class VI to VIII.