Admission: General Conditions:

A student seeking admission to any class in a ‘School’ will be eligible for admission to that Class only if he/she :

1. Has been studying in a School recognised by or affiliated to this Board or any other recognised Board of Secondary Education in India;
2. Has passed qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination making him eligible for admission to that Class;
3. Satisfies the requirements of age limits (minimum and maximum) as determined by the State. 

a) The School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate signed by the Head of the Institution last attended and countersigned, if child has changed the board or district.
b) Document(s) in support of his having passed the qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination; and
(c) Date of Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Birth and Deaths, where-ever existing, as proof of date of birth.

5. No person who is under the sentence of rustication or is expelled from any Board/ School or is debarred from appearing in the examination for whatever reason by any Board/ shall be admitted to any class in a School affiliated to this Board.
6. No student shall be admitted or promoted to any subsequent higher class in any school unless he has completed the regular course of study of the class to which he was admitted at the beginning of the academic session and has passed the examination, at the end of the concerned academic session, qualifying him for promotion to the next higher class.