Total area of school campus is 20 acres. The school has serene and conductive atmosphere. The campus is pollution free with greenery and appealing landscape.

Classroom – Well ventilated and lighted classrooms of proper size, adequate furniture of comfort, black boards, CCTVs cameras, Tube lights and fans in every class room.

Library – Wide range of books catering to all the subject offered by the institution, it also provides information of other field and reading material to suit interest of students and teachers. Books of all level examinations are accessible so that students get benefited. A Vast play ground – The school has plenty of sporting activities to choose. Laboratory – Well equipped laboratories for conducting practical classes of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer Science. Wide Spread Transport – From different parts of the city well protected and comfortable buses runs regularly to bring students from different locations and drive them back safely. First Aid Room – To care for sick children with proper first aid facility during emergency or injury. Room to take care for the sick and injured children at the time of emergency. A.V. Room – A room equipped with overhead projector and a screen where teachers inculcate values in students by showing movies, School Cinema, which is specially prepared for children according to their age. Dance / Music / Yoga room – Students get knowledge from expertise Teachers. These room help students to be fit physically & mentally, as it gives them a break after their regular syllabus classes. Water Coolers :-  Each floor has water cooler connected with R.O. which provides safe drinking water.